Teach Online, Face-to-Face: Newrow for Tutors

Tutors sometimes find it hard to replicate the personal connection and effectiveness of real-life tutor-student interaction when teaching online. Newrow makes the online tutoring experience as easy, personal and engaging as a face-to-face session. Expand your reach and offer lessons to students anywhere around the globe. Newrow virtual classrooms are perfect for 1:1 sessions and small group collaboration, test prep, STEM, math and science courses, language learning, after school programs, and more.

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Newrow Understands Your Tutoring Needs

Newrow is super easy to use – for both tutors and students of all ages – and comes packed with many interactive tools that are designed for live, online instruction that engages your students.

  • Easy access to your class, 100% browser-based
  • Interactive Whiteboard, quizzes & polls, and breakout rooms
  • Content Management System with cloud storage to prepare your class materials in advance and share course content with students
  • Cloud Recording for on-demand courses and students who missed a group class

Tutors Go Digital, Don’t Stay Behind!

Two-thirds of tutors now offer online classes to reach more students and accommodate the younger generations’ expectations. Online tutoring can be technically challenging (if you choose a cumbersome platform) and might lack the personal connection with pupils (if you’re not able to see and hear one another clearly and interact like in a real-life meeting). Newrow solves for all these challenges. It’s easy-to-use, requires no downloads or installs, and works straight through the browser, eliminating any technology hurdles. Newrow’s virtual classroom is built for learning, with lots of collaborative features that engage students in a personal, face-to-face, and fun learning experience.

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Reinforce Your Lessons With On-Demand Courses

Want to expand beyond remote, live classes? With Newrow, it’s super easy to do. Within minutes, you can build on-demand courses based on your teaching materials – rich with video, presentations, quizzes, and documents in all popular formats. Sell pre-packaged courses, prepare your students for live classes, or reinforce learning after class. Newrow allows you to deliver more value to your students by providing more opportunities for them to study, at their own time and convenience.

Record Your Classes

With Newrow’s cloud recording, you can easily record your live classes. Once the class is done, your class recording is automatically added to your course content. You can then add class recordings to on-demand courses or share it as an added value deliverable.

Collaborative Interactive Whiteboard

Newrow’s powerful, interactive whiteboard brings your classes to life. It’s so easy to write, draw, explain, and even play with students with a myriad of pens, shapes and pointers that allow for anything to be created, live, in collaboration with your students. Our interactive whiteboard is perfect for online STEM and language courses, where you can write out equations, draw diagrams, and play word games. You can also give students permission to draw on the whiteboard concurrently and contribute to the discussion and display their knowledge and creativity.

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Newrow is so simple to use that we’re sure you’re going to ace in online tutoring once you use it. Those who never try, never learn. So we suggest that you take Newrow for a ride with your students, for free, before deciding whether to get one of our paid packages. There’s nothing to lose and we’ll support you every step of the way with our tutorials, knowledge base, and customer success representatives.

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