Newrow For Training & Development

Deliver, measure, and repeat your employee training to keep your organization at peak proficiency. Save time and money by taking your employee training online with virtual instructor-led training (ViLT), large scale webinars, recruiting, global team collaboration, and compliance training.

Why Newrow Smart for your training needs?

If your team is not up to date, then you are missing an opportunity. With Newrow Smart, you are able to deliver education fast to ensure everybody is informed.
  • Web based, virtual classrooms and webinars
  • Collaborative whiteboard and file annotations
  • Upload, share and reuse training material
  • Record to create valuable training assets

Gain and Retain Top Talent

87% of millennials say learning and development in the workplace is important. 59% of millennials say having opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important when deciding on whether or not to apply for a job. Millennials list “opportunities to learn and grow” as one of the top 3 aspects of retention. It’s time to take your learning & development programs to the next level.

Deliver Effective
Face-to-Face Training

With a simple click of a link your learners can join you from anywhere. No downloads, installs, or 3rd party plugins needed. Interact through collaborative tools like whiteboard and file annotations, quizzes, text, video chat and more. Whether you’re part of a global team or just don’t have available conference room space, Newrow Smart enables you and your learners to be in the same room even when you’re not.

Independent Self Paced Learning

Self paced courses provide your learners the freedom to learn on their own time at their own pace. Build structured self paced courses with video, presentations and PDF’s to enable your learners to come to the live session with context in order to encourage engagement. Record + archive your live sessions then add recordings to the self paced course for valuable follow-up.

Reuse Valuable Training Assets

Import all legacy training material and keep it organized in the cloud file management system. Easily access and transfer course content from one course to another to get that extra mileage out of your training assets. Recordings of your live sessions can be leveraged throughout your training program as an asset to the organization.

Engaging Group Activities

Facilitate group and peer work with Breakout. Transform passive learners into active participants by splitting up the session into smaller groups. Participants can then access all interactive features to work through problems or gain clarity through helpful live, group discussions.

A corporate training platform that just works

Newrow Smart’s click to teach technology means when your organization is delivering education your facilitators can focus on teaching and your employees on learning. We removed the hurdles of 3rd party installs and a reliance on outdated technology to create something fresh & new that just works to jumpstart your learning and development programs.

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