Online Campus Management Made Easy

With Newrow Smart you can customize and manage your organization’s virtual campus with online campus management tools. Brand your virtual campus with your branding colors and logo, create relevant courses, manage your campus users, manage a central repository of organizational course content, and track online course progress and virtual classroom activity with comprehensive analytics.

Customize And Manage Your Online Campus

Create Your Campus

Enable facilitators to build online courses and virtual classrooms to deliver your online learning & development program’s content.

Branded Portal

Customize your learning space with your organization’s  branding to give your users a delightful learning experience under your brand.

Manage Your Campus

Create and manage courses and users with easy to use online campus management tools then keep track of learner progress with session stats and quiz results.

Your Branded Portal

Customizing your virtual campus with your organization’s brand colors and logo creates an amazing experience for your learners. It gives them the feeling that you have invested in their learning by creating your own proprietary learning platform instead of just using some off the shelf tools available to anyone. All you need to do is set your primary brand colors and upload a logo. The rest is magic. Newrow automatically applies your branding to your online campus management area, course directory, email invites, the virtual classrooms themselves, and even downloadable training assets like shared notes. With Newrow, your brand is put front and center.

All Your Course Content

Manage all of your organization’s course content from one central place. Unlike other platforms, your Newrow virtual campus has a fully integrated content management system. You can upload and manage key content like presentations, videos, PDF’s, documents, and more from one central content repository and distribute that content to relevant courses and facilitators. This provides an easy way to make sure everyone in your organization has access to the most up to date files when they need it.

Your Online Courses

Create as many courses as you need to let your facilitators build up their online courses and prepare their virtual classrooms. Manage course licensing to easily make new courses available to your employees. A great option is to create one room for each facilitator or instructor in your organization. This room is their dedicated room where they can build their online course and host engaging virtual instruction in their virtual classrooms.

Your Campus Users

Set the roles – Student, Instructor or Administrator – of users in your campus and manage course rosters. By adding users to your campus, they gain access to your branded online campus. Admins can easily add new users and remove those individuals that no longer need access to your campus. It’s that easy to make sure only those that should have access to your course content, have access to your course content.

Get Detailed Insights

Session Stats provides insights into your live sessions such as attendance data, chat history and quick links to applicable recordings helping you keep track of all live session activity. Have confidence in compliance training activities by utilizing attendance data & attentiveness metrics as well as quiz results to ensure compliance requirements are met.

Create Your Online Campus Today

Create your virtual campus, your first online course and start your first online class in minutes

Online campus management doesn’t have to be complicated. With Newrow, you can easily create online courses, add campus users such as students, instructors and other administrators, manage a central repository of organizational content, and track learner progress from one place. Because Newrow supports LTI specifications as well as provides a whole range of API’s, you can easily export important data points such as training attendance records and quiz scores to external management systems. Your online campus management is now more centralized than ever.