The Interactive Whiteboard of Your Dreams, now on Newrow

The Interactive Whiteboard of Your Dreams, now on Newrow

Whiteboards are pivotal for Collaboration

There’s a good reason why whiteboards have replaced blackboards in schools and became a required fixture in meeting rooms and offices. Whiteboards are a pivotal tool for creative thinking and collaboration. The ability to write, draw, delete, and improve, based on a live discussion enables instructors, managers, and groups to document their inputs and insights, on a path to realization.

Newrow’s new Interactive Whiteboard is LIVE

As a cutting-edge virtual classroom platform, Newrow has had a great whiteboard functionality for ages. We’ve seen many thousands of our customers and their learners use the whiteboard for a variety of purposes – teaching STEM, languages, and other topics; brainstorming in groups; playing games, and tallying votes and opinions. Our whiteboard has served them well.

As technology advances, along with the use cases for our Virtual Classroom platform, we see a greater demand for video collaboration and related capabilities, and we’re proud to introduce our new Interactive Whiteboard, which is now LIVE ONLINE for all of our customers.

What can you do on Newrow’s Whiteboard?

Everything you could do earlier, just better, and more!

Freestyle drawing

Take a pen, choose its color and width, and just sketch! Release the painter in you.

Type Editable Texts

Write anything you want in a clear font, and edit it whenever you want

Shape It Up

Need a circle, rectangle, line, or star? Color, resize and rotate it as you wish!

Select Anything

Select any element and jiggle it. If it’s yours, you can twist it. It’s interactive.

Highlight Anything

Want your audience to focus on something? Highlight it with a shiny color!

What’s Your Point?

With multiple laser pointers in various colors, multiple people can point at anything!

Dotted is the new White

A background to fit your class: squared, lined, dotted, or colored.

Oopsy, Undo!

We all make mistakes. No need to agonise, one click and it’s back there! Voila.

The Book of Whiteboards

Why use one whiteboard where you can have many pages, and thumbnails too.

…and even more to come soon!

How do I get all this great stuff?

With the wonders of our browser-based cloud technology, you don’t need to do anything to use the new whiteboard. Just sign into your Newrow Smart account to give it a go!

Try Newrow Smart for free today!

Newrow Smart is the next generation Virtual Classroom platform used by enterprises, schools and facilitators worldwide to engage their employees, students, and audiences. Deliver training anywhere, at a fraction of the cost, that both engages and delights your participants, while improving business results.

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson is VP of Product for Newrow, a company dedicated to helping corporations and educational institutions distribute their knowledge easily, elegantly and personally through virtual classrooms, webinars, and online courses. With more than 10 years of experience in B2B and educational technology start-ups, Sam is responsible for defining and executing Newrow’s product vision, business development and sales enablement, and product marketing.