Virtual Classrooms
When Screen Sharing
Isn’t Enough...

An engaging virtual classroom platform with more collaborative features than you can shake a stick at.

Connect With Your Learners

Easy To Use

Launch virtual classes right in the browser. Simple, elegant design makes getting started a breeze.

Collaborative Features

Collaborative tools to enhance engagement and improve upon the traditional classroom.

Reliable & Scalable

A hassle free virtual classroom platform that just works allowing you to grow your online programs.

Dynamic Views That Holds Their Attention

Play with a range of views that encourages your learners to actively participate in your live sessions.

All The Features You Need

Powerful, easy to use features that drive learner success through engaging live classes with up to 25 live webcam participants and hundreds participating through chat.

Present anything to your participants.

Access your files from anywhere.

Draw it out with your participants.

Record & archive your live sessions.

Encourage group activities with Breakout.

Assess understanding in real time.

Watch videos together.

Take notes for participants to follow in real time.

Host engaging online events.

Virtual Classrooms That Play Nice
With Your LMS

Newrow Smart is LTI compliant and seamlessly integrates into any LMS for a single sign-on experience. Detailed API documentation is available for more custom implementations.

Start For Free

Power-up your online classes with Newrow Smart. You can start today!