Manage Your Virtual Campus

Customize and manage your online learning space. Your courses, users and your brand.

Easily Customize And Manage Your Online Campus

Create Your Campus

Easily create your online learning space to deliver your online learning & development program’s content.

Branded Portal

Customize your online learning space with your organization’s logo and branding.

Manage Your Campus

Create and manage courses and users. Organize campus content in the cloud file management system.

Your Branded Portal

Maintain your organization’s branding in your virtual campus.
Apply your brand colors and add your logo so that your learners are interacting through your organization’s brand in the self paced courses as well as the live classes.

All Your Course Content

Access all of your organization’s course content from one central place. Create and manage a central repository of organizational content that is available to the instructors that need access to them.

Your Online Courses

Create as many courses as you need to let your instructors build up their self paced courses and prepare their virtual classrooms. Manage course licensing to easily make new courses available to your learners.

Your Campus Users

Set the roles – Student, Instructor or Administrator – of users in your campus and manage course rosters. By adding users to your campus, they gain access to your branded online learning space. Or, just send a link to the course to anyone that needs to join.

Get Detailed Insights

Session Stats provides insights into your live sessions such as attendance data, chat history and quick links to applicable recordings helping you keep track of all live session activity.

Create Your Online Campus Today

Create your virtual campus, your first online course and start your first online class in minutes