Promote Learning
Before, During,
& After Class

Newrow helps you get face-to-face with your learners and keep them actively engaged in your sessions.

Deliver Live, Instructor-Led Training

With Newrow Smart virtual classrooms, you can collaborate with your learners in virtual and hybrid classes, large scale webinars, and private sessions like consultations, advising, tutoring, and counseling.

Offer On-Demand, Anytime Courses

Give your learners every chance to succeed by putting together on-demand courses that enhance your virtual classes. Organize course content such as video, presentation, and PDF’s in chapters then measure understanding with on-demand quizzes.

Online Campus Management

Easily manage your organization’s virtual campus – users, access, courses, and centralized content repository – within your branded learning portal. Because Newrow is completely based on the cloud, on-boarding your entire organization is a breeze.

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