Access Your Course Files From Anywhere

Access Your Course Files From Anywhere

Did you know every free and paid newrow_ smart account includes cloud storage and an easy-to-use file management system?

With newrow_ cloud storage and file management system, you can upload and organize your course files (presentations, videos, PDF’s, images and more) then access them from anywhere. Your newrow_ account is device agnostic!

You can always use newrow_ screen share to share rich applications or presentations with animations straight from your computer, but uploading your files and organizing them in folders will guarantee that you have access to your files regardless of what computer you are using. Additionally, you can organize your uploaded class material in the playlist to help you deliver a well-organized, engaging live class.


What file types are supported?

You can actually upload any file format to your newrow_ account. The original file you upload is encrypted and saved on newrow_ cloud servers and is accessible to you when needed. In addition to storing the original uploaded file, supported files are converted to enable you to share them during the live class.

Some of the file types that you can share in your live class are:

  • Presentations — PPT, PPTX
  • Video — MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV
  • Image — PDF, PNG, JPG
  • Document — DOC, DOCX
  • Spreadsheet — XLS, XLSX
  • Audio — MP3

Remember, you can use the newrow_ screen share app to share those file types that are not supported.


Manage Your Cloud Files

I’m a bit of a stickler with organizing my files. I do admit I sometimes let my desktop get away from me, but most of the time I’m all about keeping my files organized.

In the newrow_ file management system, you can keep your organization’s files neatly organized. For every course you create, a root folder for that course is added in your file management system. As an administrator you can access and manage your organization’s files from the files tab in your account. Instructors can access course files from within the course. If the instructor is teaching multiple courses, then they can access all of their files from whatever course they are in.

With the newrow_ file management system you can:

  • Upload files — Upload nearly any file type to access from anywhere and share all major file formats in a live class. You can even drag & drop to upload files to specific folders.
  • Create folders — Add folders within your courses to better organize your files into folders for specific lessons.
  • Search — No matter how organized we are, search is essential. Isolate your search to the current folder or search all of your files in all of your courses.
  • Preview — Preview your files outside of or inside the class.
  • Share — Share supported files synchronously in your live classes. What you see, your students see.
  • Download — Sometimes we just need the hard copy. You can download your files to your computer. You’ll the original file back. Even though we convert some files in order to enable you to share them live, we also store the original safely & securely in the newrow_ cloud.


How much cloud storage?

The amount of space you have access to depends on the plan and number of plans you have.

  • Free — 2GB. Free newrow_ smart accounts include 2GB of cloud storage.
  • Paid plans — 5GB. Each paid plan includes 5GB of cloud storage.
  • Need more? Contact us at We will be happy to accommodate you.

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Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson is VP of Product for Newrow, a company dedicated to helping corporations and educational institutions distribute their knowledge easily, elegantly and personally through virtual classrooms, webinars, and online courses. With more than 10 years of experience in B2B and educational technology start-ups, Sam is responsible for defining and executing Newrow’s product vision, business development and sales enablement, and product marketing.