student engagement

Staying Connected

_3 tips to keep students engaged during holiday break

25 November 2014 5:57 pm by Margaret Amisano Learn how to easily stay connected with your students and keep them focused on course material through social media, group work, and on-demand material.

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Empty Office Hours?

_how to get students to actually show up to office hours

2 December 2014 7:04 pm by Margaret Amisano Why do students avoid them? They're more likely to show with these 4 simple tips.

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Tracking Student Comprehension

_3 things to pay attention to when measuring online student comprehension

2 April 2015 3:29 pm by Kevin Bonilla For an online class to be successful, it's crucial that the professor keep track of student comprehension. Here are three critical components to watch that will help you understand exactly why students are performing the way they are.

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Misusing Content

_why it's important to diversify online course content

26 March 2015 1:53 pm by Kevin Bonilla Course content is often misused by online professors who fail to maximize its true potential. Until it's implemented in an effective manner, students remain impartial to it.

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Increasing Creativity

_how to encourage creativity in your online course

10 April 2015 2:27 pm by Kevin Bonilla Creativity is driven by independent and experiential thought. Students should be encouraged to think “outside the box,” develop ideas, and ask questions that fuel new conversations.

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Different Types Of Learners

_3 types of learners you will encounter in your online course, and how to teach them

13 April 2015 3:16 pm by Kevin Bonilla Here are some brief tips on how to identify and teach the 3 main types of learners you will encounter in your online course.

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The Future of Ed-Tech

_predicting future trends in education technology

16 April 2015 3:03 pm by Kevin Bonilla Education technology is constantly evolving, as the needs of our educators and students continue to change. Keeping an eye on possible trends that may occur over the next couple of years is important to ensure that your institution remain ahead of the curve.

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Change For The Better

_how online courses can help impoverished students around the world

20 April 2015 12:55 pm by Kevin Bonilla Online courses have created opportunities for disadvantaged students around the world. The ability to connect with high-level educators through a smartphone or tablet has enabled these students to earn a degree, without taking on the financial burden of a college tuition. Here are a couple of more ways in which online education can help impoverished students:

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Advantages To Blended Learning

_using blended learning to engage your students

1 May 2015 4:03 pm by Kevin Bonilla Here are some tips on how you can use blended learning to engage your students from Stanford University president John Hennessy.

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Social Media Projects

_3 fun social media projects that get your students engaged

6 May 2015 3:24 pm by Kevin Bonilla Social media is most likely one of the largest components of your average students everyday life, so why not take advantage of this as an online professor? There are countless social media project ideas that can help get your remote students involved, and stimulate conversation. Here are 3 great ideas to help get you started:

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Progression of EdTech

_how edTech has evolved to this point, and where it is headed in the future

7 May 2015 11:32 am by Kevin Bonilla As education continues to transition into the digital world, we take a look at the history of educational technology and how it has evolved in recent years. From the days of the overhead projector, to the introduction of tablets and mobile devices, technology has been consistently modified in order to fit the needs of educators and students.

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Too Many Distractions

_3 reasons your online students are disengaged

10 June 2015 12:02 am by Kevin Bonilla We often spend the vast majority of our time devising strategies and developing ideas that could better engage our online students. However, not enough time is dedicated to analyzing the countless distractions that pry our student’s minds away from coursework. Here are 3 reasons your students might be disengaged:

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Student Perspective

_5 ways to keep your students engaged (from a student’s perspective)

28 June 2016 2:35 pm by Kevin Bonilla To all the professors experiencing glazed over looks and phone screens in laps, there is hope! Today, distractions lurk around every corner and can seriously impact learning. Whether it is a smartphone loaded with social media apps or a laptop “intended for class notes,” the list of distractions seems endless. There are however, a few simple ways to keep your students engaged.

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The Power To Empower

_what professors can do to empower their students

13 July 2015 1:17 am by Kevin Bonilla While teachers may not always receive the recognition they deserve, it is important that we understand their value, and the vital role they play for our society as a whole. When an instructor successfully connects with a student, inspires them, and guides them, the student stands a better chance of reaching his or her full potential.

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Key Differences

_the difference between engaged and disengaged learners

28 June 2016 3:14 pm by Kevin Bonilla Being able to recognize and react to the telltale signs of a disengaged learner, is vital to the success of an online course. We have compiled a short list of tendencies to keep an eye out for, when tracking student engagement.

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