social media

Staying Connected

_3 tips to keep students engaged during holiday break

25 November 2014 5:57 pm by Margaret Amisano Learn how to easily stay connected with your students and keep them focused on course material through social media, group work, and on-demand material.

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The Future of Ed-Tech

_predicting future trends in education technology

16 April 2015 3:03 pm by Kevin Bonilla Education technology is constantly evolving, as the needs of our educators and students continue to change. Keeping an eye on possible trends that may occur over the next couple of years is important to ensure that your institution remain ahead of the curve.

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Social Media In The Workplace

_how to take advantage of social media in the workplace

28 April 2015 12:19 am by Kevin Bonilla In the older days a conversation amongst co-workers would take place around the water cooler. Today, these conversations take place online and at anytime. Social media can either become a major distraction or a corporate asset depending on how it is introduced to your employees.

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Using #SocialTech

_3 ways #socialtech can enhance corporate culture

29 June 2015 12:27 pm by Kevin Bonilla Social engagement initiatives often get lost in the sequence of day-to-day operations and long-term objectives. However, social technologies and platforms can actually help a business grow internally, and they can also improve recruiting efforts.

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