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NYC Challenge Cup

_start-up companies compete in the 1776 Challenge Cup

4 December 2014 6:36 pm by Margaret Amisano As part of the 1776 Challenge Cup, start-up entrepreneurs got a chance to showcase their brilliant ideas to a panel of judges to determine which is best.

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Vlogging vs. Videocasting

_engaging an audience with video

9 April 2015 11:32 am by Nico Piacentini Vlogs are recruiting large audiences at a fast pace. The ability to engage with video has been the key ingredient, but it can get better with the live interactions of videocast.

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Millions Strong and Not Crowded

_events that beg for online crowds

15 April 2015 5:27 pm by Nico Piacentini Imagine attending an event with more than a million others, but it's not crowded. You already have and it was online. These are some events that beg for online audiences.

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Mobile Live Streaming

_how mobile live streaming will alter the media and entertainment landscape

24 April 2015 2:06 pm by Kevin Bonilla The emergence of mobile live streaming is evidence that the entire media and entertainment industry will be completely mobilized within the next 5 years.

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Live Streaming in Education

_the other ways live streaming can be used by educational institutions

18 June 2015 2:38 pm by Kevin Bonilla Why limit the potential of live streaming to strictly distance learning? Educational institutions should attempt utilize live streaming for as many school events as possible, because live streaming is another mechanism that can help grow an audience, and keep stakeholders engaged.

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Using #SocialTech

_3 ways #socialtech can enhance corporate culture

29 June 2015 12:27 pm by Kevin Bonilla Social engagement initiatives often get lost in the sequence of day-to-day operations and long-term objectives. However, social technologies and platforms can actually help a business grow internally, and they can also improve recruiting efforts.

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Produce Amazing Events

_best Practices for Event-Based Live Video Streaming

7 September 2016 11:30 am by Sean C McGill Live video streaming allows event organizers to amplifying the reach and engagement of live events and create unique and memorable viewing experiences for the online audience. Here’s a rundown of best practices you can use to deliver the best results from your live video streaming event.

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