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_welcome to newrow_

24 Oct 14 by Margaret Amisano

Watchitoo has moved into the newrow_

It’s been an exciting time here. As we are constantly evolving and improving in order to bring you the most innovative way to interact face-to-face online, we’ve embraced a new company name and image to reflect what Watchitoo has grown to be.

Being in the newrow_ is being in the best seat in the house. Front and center. No compromises. Whether you’re in class, a training session, or at a show, newrow_ is a new way to not only have the best view, but also the best way to interact and be an integral part of the experience. We want you to be there, while you’re anywhere. Leave technology behind and just be part of the moment.

What’s new?

In addition to the new name, newrow_ has added some exciting new features and improvements to make it even easier to connect to large groups of people all over the globe.

We’ve created a sleek new user interface that’s extremely easy to navigate, along with new mobile applications, which means you can access newrow_ from anywhere, on any device.

The new user interface is packed with new functionalities that help create a seamless experience of engagement. These include:

  • Advanced audience control: instantly see and control who is engaged with an enhanced participant list.
  • Specific moderation permissions: customize which aspects and functions that others can control.
  • Starting when you’re ready: a new On/Off control lets you decide when other groups can access your space in newrow_.
  • A global-friendly connection: instantly change the language of the interface and access via voice from anywhere with international local dial-in numbers.

Join us in the newrow_

We are thrilled to have you join us and take the best seat. The newrow_ team would love to meet you and say hello! Come see us at the Online Learning Consortium International Conference 2014 in Orlando, FL later this month or greet us in newrow_ as we welcome you in a webinar and show off some of these great new features.

 If you’re not able to make it – feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

 Welcome to the best seat in the house – front and center, in the newrow_.

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