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The newrow_ Of Education

_6 exciting new updates in the newrow_

16 July 2015 2:51 pm by Kevin Bonilla The newrow_ platform is continuously evolving to fit the needs of our professors and students. Optimizing the user experience by adding to, and modifying the features of our platform has been a top priority of ours as of late. The updated newrow_ is a reflection of our recent efforts to create a more simplified, yet effective interface.

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The Power To Empower

_what professors can do to empower their students

13 July 2015 1:17 am by Kevin Bonilla While teachers may not always receive the recognition they deserve, it is important that we understand their value, and the vital role they play for our society as a whole. When an instructor successfully connects with a student, inspires them, and guides them, the student stands a better chance of reaching his or her full potential.

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Improving Time Management

_4 ways to improve time management across your organization

7 July 2015 8:11 pm by Kevin Bonilla With day-to-day operations moving at such a quick pace, it often feels like the clock becomes our enemy as time always seems to run out on us. Here are a few brief tips to ensure your employees optimize the full 24 hours in a day, so that your organization doesn’t struggle to meet deadlines:

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Using #SocialTech

_3 ways #socialtech can enhance corporate culture

29 June 2015 12:27 pm by Kevin Bonilla Social engagement initiatives often get lost in the sequence of day-to-day operations and long-term objectives. However, social technologies and platforms can actually help a business grow internally, and they can also improve recruiting efforts.

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#EdTech In The Classroom

_3 reasons students need technology in the classroom

26 June 2015 11:26 am by Kevin Bonilla It may come as no surprise, but technology is inching its way into just about every crevice of day-to-day life, and the modern classroom is no exception. The immersion of technology in educational settings has changed teaching methods, how students learn, and the way instructors and students communicate.

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Successful Mobile Learning

_what drives the effectiveness of mobile learning?

23 June 2015 9:37 pm by Kevin Bonilla Mobile #EdTech is a global asset that will soon become the forefront of education in institutions, and communities around the world. However, the success of mobile learning programs varies depending on the implementation, objectives, and strategies employed by the users:

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