Margaret Amisano

Lessons From "The Walking Dead"

_what corporate trainers can learn about second screen engagement

23 April 2015 4:05 pm by Margaret Amisano Popular TV shows have leveraged the power of the second screen to fully engage their audiences. Learn how to apply this to a corporate training classroom.

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Shorty Awards 2015

_newrow_ powers an interactive red carpet event + live stream for the Shorty Awards

21 April 2015 1:24 am by Margaret Amisano The 7th Annual Shorty Awards ceremony was held last night, with a slew of appearances from social media celebrities. newrow_ powered an interactive live stream of the Shorty red carpet as well as the awards ceremony.

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_students need a personal connection to stay engaged

13 March 2015 11:28 am by Margaret Amisano newrow_ surveyed 200 students about the challenges they face in an online class -- and what they really need to stay focused.

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newrow_ Launches Student-Led Study Rooms

_a new way to facilitate collaborative learning online

11 March 2015 9:00 am by Margaret Amisano Students learn better together. With the new study rooms and breakout room features from newrow_, students are able to collaborate outside the classroom face-to-face.

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Mobile Cameras + Online Learning

_what's the hype with mobile cameras?

4 March 2015 7:00 pm by Margaret Amisano Why you need to take advantage for online learning.

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Making Group Work Actually Work

_5 tips to make group work actually work in an online classroom

26 February 2015 9:00 am by Margaret Amisano Students learn better together. Make it as if they're sitting in the same room together.

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What is Success in Online Learning?

_a live panel discussion hosted by newrow_

24 December 2014 12:00 pm by Margaret Amisano newrow_ and Wesleyan University asked, "What is Success in Online Learning?" at the 2014 OLC International Conference.

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What Are We Doing Wrong?

_5 common mistakes to avoid in online training

18 December 2014 6:54 pm by Margaret Amisano Online corporate training is often found ineffective when it's guilty of these 5 things.

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NYC Challenge Cup

_start-up companies compete in the 1776 Challenge Cup

4 December 2014 6:36 pm by Margaret Amisano As part of the 1776 Challenge Cup, start-up entrepreneurs got a chance to showcase their brilliant ideas to a panel of judges to determine which is best.

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Empty Office Hours?

_how to get students to actually show up to office hours

2 December 2014 7:04 pm by Margaret Amisano Why do students avoid them? They're more likely to show with these 4 simple tips.

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Staying Connected

_3 tips to keep students engaged during holiday break

25 November 2014 5:57 pm by Margaret Amisano Learn how to easily stay connected with your students and keep them focused on course material through social media, group work, and on-demand material.

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HP Show and Tech

_engaging fans in the newrow_

17 November 2014 11:24 pm by Margaret Amisano HP hosts live, interactive demonstrations of their new products on to connect with fans in the newrow_.

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Front and Center

_welcome to newrow_

24 October 2014 4:00 pm by Margaret Amisano Watchitoo has embraced a new company name and image to bring you the best seat in the house.

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