Front and Center

Driving Your Audience to Appointment-Viewing Events

_Amplifying Audience Reach & Engagement via Live Video Streaming

28 September 2016 10:18 am by Sean C McGill Here are some strategies you can integrate within your existing Live Video Streaming practices, or use as baseline elements if you are developing a Live Video Streaming practice.

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Produce Amazing Events

_best Practices for Event-Based Live Video Streaming

7 September 2016 11:30 am by Sean C McGill Live video streaming allows event organizers to amplifying the reach and engagement of live events and create unique and memorable viewing experiences for the online audience. Here’s a rundown of best practices you can use to deliver the best results from your live video streaming event.

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Key Differences

_the difference between engaged and disengaged learners

28 June 2016 3:14 pm by Kevin Bonilla Being able to recognize and react to the telltale signs of a disengaged learner, is vital to the success of an online course. We have compiled a short list of tendencies to keep an eye out for, when tracking student engagement.

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Student Perspective

_5 ways to keep your students engaged (from a student’s perspective)

28 June 2016 2:35 pm by Kevin Bonilla To all the professors experiencing glazed over looks and phone screens in laps, there is hope! Today, distractions lurk around every corner and can seriously impact learning. Whether it is a smartphone loaded with social media apps or a laptop “intended for class notes,” the list of distractions seems endless. There are however, a few simple ways to keep your students engaged.

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Blended Benefits

_3 ways blended learning can benefit student learning

28 June 2016 2:24 pm by Kevin Bonilla A singular approach to the learning model is no longer sufficient in the modern classroom. In recent times, blended learning has taken center stage, as educators have modified their approach to teaching to catch up with the technologically infused needs of current students. Here are three ways in which blended learning can be beneficial if implemented into your classroom:

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How To Keep Energy Up In The Office!

_4 ways to boost energy levels in the office

3 August 2015 12:10 pm by Kevin Bonilla As 3 o’clock rolls around, the glazed-over looks begin to take over, and energy levels drop. While this time of day may seem all too familiar, free coffee is not the only way to battle the mid-afternoon slump. There are many non-caffeinated solutions that can cure the low-energy plague, and influence employee performances for the better. Here are 5 tips to keep your employees fully charged!

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